Amersfoort gains dozens of dementia-friendly young people

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Amersfoort gains dozens of dementia-friendly young people
Sept. 21, 2023

Add dozens of young people, Leerhotel Het Klooster, radio DJ Frank van der Lende and the team of Samen dementievriendelijk together and you get a kick-off of our youth program; an educational program for MBO students in which dealing with dementia plays the main role. And what better time to launch the youth program than on Sept. 20, the day before World Alzheimer's Day?

Isa Learning Hotel Dementia Friendly Together

A study at the Hotelschool Amersfoort trains for a profession with a lot of human contact. From host/hostess to hospitality entrepreneur. At Leerhotel Het Klooster - a hotel that includes 21 rooms, a meeting location and a restaurant - students learn and work under the guidance of instructors.   

Welcoming hotel guests and keeping them happy is something students are well versed in. So is keeping a restaurant stocked. But what if a guest doesn't want to pay or changes tables every five minutes? That's where Together Dementia Friendly comes in, because one thing is for sure: these students - now or in the future - come into contact with people with dementia.

Leerhotel Together dementia friendly

Student Isa (pictured): "I had no idea how to properly deal with people with dementia. It's important to know because there are so many people who have the disease. Imagine you are one of them yourself..."

The story of Frank van der Lende about the disease process of his father, with Alzheimer's disease, made a deep impression on the students. And the interview with experiencer Gerda, she has a form of vascular dementia, also came in.

Isa: "Now that - thanks to the online training of Samen dementievriendelijk - I know the signs of dementia, I realize that I have met people with dementia without realizing it. If I had known then what I know now, I would have done things differently. For example, I will never go up against someone with dementia again."

Frank and Gerda Dementia Friendly Together

All the new knowledge could immediately be put into practice: during a lunch in the Leerhotel, entirely provided by the students, with the former participants of the TV program Restaurant Misunderstanding.

After this kick-off, the youth program is not over yet. Next Saturday, the students will put their dementia-friendliness to work to ensure that Alzheimer's Netherlands' HerinneringenRit runs smoothly. And, a guest lesson by trainers from Samen dementievriendelijk will also follow. Amersfoort is assured of a new batch of students it can count on as a city!