May 16, 2024

Class MOH-L0D is hosting a benefit dinner Friday, June 14, at the beautiful Church Hall located at Leerhotel Het Klooster.

Be well surprised by booking a ticket now from €49.95 including drinks and be assured of a tasty dinner and a full-length program.

The purpose of this benefit dinner is to raise money for the Gaandeweg Foundation. This foundation builds vacation homes to give children with cancer a short vacation. In this way, the disease is pushed into the background and the children can really be children again. Class L0D supports this foundation by organizing this benefit dinner and hopefully raising as much money as possible during this evening.

You can expect both an auction and a raffle during this evening where very unique beautiful prizes will be auctioned off! In the end, there will also be one grand prize given away, so don't miss this!



Tomato tartare with cream of peas, herb oil and a crisp of rice leaves.


Main course:
Chicken rouleaux, served with a potato gratin, seasonal vegetables and a jus de veau.
Cinnamon Parfait with a poached pear and a crunch of chocolate crumble.

Buy a ticket now and be assured of your place during this benefit dinner, that way you will contribute to the charity of Foundation Gaandeweg. So that class L0D can hand over a nice amount of money to the Foundation Gaandeweg, so they can give the sick children a nice vacation.

Class L0D looks forward to seeing you on Friday, June 14.

Be on time and order now! Via the button below.