“Magnificant, striking hall with exceptional light”

The church hall is the largest space in our complex. It is perfect for presentations, inspirational sessions, conferences, weddings and parties. The church hall is rented out per day or day parts. Along with the Church hall you get to use the Altar and the Crypt.

Room setups

This is an indication of the possibilities regarding your setup. Because every meeting is unique, we’ll be glad to discuss all possibilities with you.  


U-shape: 50 persons
Square: 60 persons
Cabaret: 150 persons
Theatre: 400 persons
Dinner setup: 200 persons

The Crypt

Beneath the Church hall we have a crypt. Via the stairs left and right from the stage you enter the crypt underneath the altar. You can use this room as a subspace for workshops.

U-shape: 16 persons
Square: 20 persons
Cabaret: 20 persons
Theatre: 60 persons


U-shape: 28 persons
Square: 30 persons
Cabaret: 30 persons
Theatre: 90 persons


It’s possible to rent a beamer (13.000 ANSI lumen) including a 3 X 4 meter screen for presentations. We also work with several renowned companies that can help and advise you to make your event an even bigger success. 





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