The Refter

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The Refter
May 10, 2023

One of the largest rooms in Leerhotel Het Klooster is the Refter. A narrow and deep room that can seat 74 people in a theater seating arrangement. The room is regularly used for various gatherings such as meetings, seminars, workshops, condolences and wedding ceremonies. 

In the time of the Crusaders, the Refter was the room where the Fathers took their meals. There was no talking during meals; however, one of the clergymen would read from a religious or profane (non-religious) book every day. The clergyman who read aloud sat in the pulpit at the front of the room. 

An eye-catcher in the hall is the authentic pulpit with a Missale Romanum. This is an apostolic constitution with which Pope Paul VI promulgated the renewed Roman Missal on April 3, 1969.  

Observant viewers will see a hatch at the front left of the room; At the time, this was for the transmission of meals. It is said that the Crusaders were not allowed to have contact with women. When the meals were ready, the lady in the kitchen would slide the food into the hatch, then knock and then close the hatch on her side. The Crusader could then take the food into the hall. 

In the summer of 2022, the Refter was renovated; the carpet was replaced with a durable PVC floor. This lasts a long time and is soundproof. The lighting in the hall has also been modified. Two types of sustainable LED lighting - dimmed or not - provide the desired light during a meeting. 

The Refter is experienced as a surprising and inspiring space. Because of the authentic elements such as the hatch, the original benches and the lectern with the Missale Romanum, this room is very popular among our guests. The good acoustics also make it possible for speakers to be understood well without additional amplification.  

Also curious about the Refter or another space for a business meeting? Feel free to contact our sales and reservations department. They will be happy to make an appointment with you!  

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