Education in business

Education in Business

Leerhotel Het Klooster and restaurant Novice are affiliated with the Hotelschool, one of the thirteen schools of MBO Amersfoort. Here we, MBO students of Hotelschool Amersfoort, learn the trade according to the concept of Education in Business, because nowhere do you learn as well and as motivated as in practice. Serving drinks to guests, for example, is a completely different experience than practicing with a tray in the schoolyard or in a classroom. Something is at stake: you want very much to do well. And at the same time, you are developing social skills and self-confidence. If this sometimes involves trial and error, hopefully you will think back on your own start in the job market with a smile. Our learning masters are always around to ensure that you benefit from professional quality while we grow.

The educational companies of MBO Amersfoort

Besides Leerhotel Het Klooster with restaurant Novice, MBO Amersfoort has the following educational companies:

First Class Amersfoort

First Class Amersfoort is more than just a restaurant. It is a unique initiative that combines social commitment and practical experience for young people distanced from regular education. The restaurant, an educational company of MBO Amersfoort, offers students the opportunity to obtain an MBO diploma in Catering Assistant. Enjoy healthy dishes served by motivated students, supporting a valuable educational program.

Fit Academy Bokkeduinen

Fit Academy Bokkeduinen is a dynamic sports venue where sports and education come together. It offers a wide range of health and physical therapy programs in a comprehensive sports complex. Here, students learn the trade under the supervision of experienced instructors. Fitness instructors lead workouts while students take on certain tasks. Personal coaching, varied group exercise classes and available personal trainers complete the offerings.

Salon the New City

Salon de Nieuwe Stad in Amersfoort is the place where education and practice come together. Our salon offers a complete range of hair and beauty treatments. With a professional team, real hands-on experience for students and outstanding customer service, we guarantee a unique experience. Stop by or contact us for more information and be pampered by our talented students!


The AdminCompany in Amersfoort offers hands-on experience in financial services under the guidance of experts. Students work on real projects for real clients, with confidentiality and AVG compliance. From accounting to tax returns, our services are professionally supervised and offer excellent service at attractive rates. Invest in future financial professionals and leave your administration in safe hands with The AdminCompany.

The Garage Amersfoort

At the Garage, you enjoy high-quality service and economical rates. The motivated students ensure that your car is in optimal condition. Your car is in good hands at De Garage, as every aspect of their work is carefully checked by experienced professionals. Bring your car to De Garage and help build the future of the automotive industry!

Green Outlet

Green Outlet Amersfoort at MBO Amersfoort is distinguished by its focus on sustainability, reuse and work-based learning. Students learn in a real retail environment, guided by professionals. The assortment ranges from vintage clothing to unique Amersfoort items. Collaborations with companies provide furniture and home accessories with a second life. An environmentally conscious choice that contributes to circular economy and the formation of future retail professionals. Win-win for everyone! Stop by and find out for yourself!


Koppel't is the link between education and business for MBO Amersfoort, School for Economics and Entrepreneurship. Students work with real customers for valuable practical experience. Intensive supervision by industry professionals ensures expertise and development.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Is corporate social responsibility (CSR) a high priority for your organisation? As a customer of one of these educational companies, you contribute to our development into professionals. Thanks to the guidance of professionals, quality is guaranteed. Moreover, we have a fresh, inquisitive mind and we enjoy coming up with creative solutions. So you want something different? We will make sure it happens. This is how CSR becomes very attractive!