House beers of the year 2022

Pampus Saison (light) and Lebowski Wheat Tripel (heavy) are Entree House Beer of the Year

For the first time since 2019, Entree went in search of the house beer of the year. The winners are Paviljoen Pampus (Muiden) with Pampus Saison in the light category and Grand Café Lebowski (Utrecht) with Tarwe Tripel in the heavy category.

The previous edition of the House Beer of the Year election was in 2019, those of 2020 and 2021 were cancelled due to the corona crisis. On 31 May, the judging could finally take place again, again at brewery Maximus in Utrecht. The tasting was conducted in the categories light (up to 6.5%) and heavy (6.5% alcohol and more). Two juries went to work to select a top 3. The heavy jury determined the ranking in the top 3 of the light category and vice versa. The best scoring beers were thus tasted by all eight members of the jury.

The jury was very pleased with the level of the entries and the jury members, who have been involved in this election for several years, clearly see an upward trend.

Leerhotel Het Klooster from Amersfoort submitted the honey tripel AKKA Bij-drage and that beer was appreciated by the jury. It was brewed by the Hobby Brouw Studio in De Bilt. AKKA stands for Amersfoort's Kruisheren Klooster Abbey beer. It is located in a former Kruisheren monastery. The beer was created in cooperation with beekeeper Gert-Jan ter Welle from the Hobby Brouw Studio in De Bilt. "The beer is in balance, dry and pleasant to drink", says the jury.