Retrospective: CINOP Dinner Pensant on Lifelong Development

Retrospective: CINOP Dinner Pensant on Lifelong Development
March 19, 2024

LLO challenge MBO and HBO requires focus, space and creativity.

On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, CINOP organized a dinner pensant on Lifelong Development (LLO), at our place in Leerhotel Het Klooster in Amersfoort. During this meeting, administrators and directors from both senior secondary vocational education (MBO) and higher professional education (HBO) came together to discuss LLO and the important role of funded vocational education in this context. The dinner was made up of three delicious courses, each preceded by an inspiring introductory keynote. The speakers of the evening were of high caliber, including Doekle Terpstra (chairman of Techniek Nederland, member of the executive board of VNO-NCW and chairman of TKI Bouw en Techniek) and Laureen Rwatirera (Chief Learning Officer at ASML).

Aftermovie - LLO Diner Pensant

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