The Monastery

The Monastery was founded in the fifties by the Fathers of the Order of the Crosiers.

The order started to educate the Roman Catholic way to boys from het Gooi.

In 1947 the brothers and the school moved to Amersfoort. In that year, the first participants of the school did their (state) exam and the fathers started to develop the school into a full Gymnasium and University. At that time the education was still given in temporary buildings. In 1956 the monastery was completed. Soon the school had over 400 participants. The number of participants continued to grow to around 900 in the sixties. No new members entered the order since the mid-sixties; in 1999 there were only four residents. The Crosiers decided to leave The Monastery before they would no longer be able to manage it.

At the end of the cloisters there are stairs to accommodate the differences in height: The Monastery is built on a hill. The north wing of Het Klooster is adjacent to the large three-aisled church. The guest rooms are separated from Het Klooster. These belong to The Convent of the Order, which originally focused strongly on the reception of travelers and pilgrims. The guest rooms form the transition between the sacred environment of Het Klooster and the worldly environment of the school. The south wing housed the recreation room for the Crosiers and the rooms of the friars with facility functions. The west wing was for cooking and the laundry was done there. The Refter room, the dining room was also situated here (nice to know, this is a beautiful meeting room nowadays). Two stairways give access to the rooms on the first floor. On this floor most of the rooms for the fathers and brothers were situated. You are now in one of these 16 Crosiers rooms or perhaps in one of the 5 luxury Guests rooms!

Leerhotel Het Klooster is since 2007 run by students of the Hotelschool of MBO Amersfoort, under the guidance of professional instructors. This unique collaboration stems from a joint mission of both MBO Amersfoort and Leerhotel Het Klooster. Training young students to professionals is therefore in our DNA! As you may have noticed, you have just been checked in by one of our students. This is one of the special aspects of Leerhotel Het Klooster, the students learn the tricks of the trade in practice.

Every day our students work towards a great career in the hospitality industry. This is our vision of what we stand for as a hotel! Following a professional education increases the chances of a good career. The unique cooperation between MBO Amersfoort and Leerhotel Het Klooster ensures that education and practice are well matched!

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