Church hall

The Church Hall, that is the monastery in all its glory! This is where the church services used to take place. This striking room has a wonderful incidence of light and a special atmosphere. It is an excellent location for a conference, presentation, inspiration session, reception, wedding or other party or event. You can hire the Church Hall for a day or part of a day. If you wish, you can expand the Church Hall with the Altar and/or the Crypt.

Room arrangements

We can set up the Church Hall, the Altar and the Crypt in various ways for you. Here are a few popular setups. Would you like something else? We are happy to think along with you.

Theatre400 people
Cabaret150 persons

Facilities and furnishings

For presentations, you can hire a beamer with a 3 × 4 metre screen. If necessary, we have a laptop ready for you.

You can rent the Church Hall from € 995 per half day. Do you have special requests or would you like advice? Let's sit down together and discuss the possibilities. You are most welcome!